COVID-19-এর সময় সামনের সারির জনস্বাস্থ্য পরিষেবাগুলিকে শক্তিশালী করা: স্বাস্থ্য ও পুষ্টি কর্মীদের জন্য উদ্ভাবনী IYCF সরঞ্জামগুলি প্রবর্তন করা

May 25, 2021 | Introducing innovative IYCF tools for health and nutrition workers

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global emergency affecting almost every country in the world with millions of cases and deaths. Research findings show that there have been disruptions and reductions in key maternal and child health services in many countries due to COVID-19.

Funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, Save the Children and partners have developed new tools focused on innovative solutions to support health and nutrition workers providing lifesaving services and support to caregivers during a time requiring social distancing, reduced contact, and other service adaptations.

In this one hour webinar, the following innovations were presented:

  1. An interactive digital platform providing access to the most up-to-date and relevant resources in Infant and Young Child Nutrition in Emergencies
  2. A set of micro-learning videos for frontline staff; and
  3. A set of globally-endorsed guidelines on the provision of e-Counseling, the facilitation of group support, and home visits during COVID-19.

Practitioners from Save the Children and partners shared their experiences and challenges protecting and supporting caregivers and their children during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their insights on these innovative and game-changing tools.

Participants shared their thoughts, questions, and considerations around the new tools.

This webinar featured representatives from:

  • Save the Children’s global technical team
  • Infant Feeding in Emergency (IFE) Core Group
  • Frontline health and nutrition practitioners from Save the Children country programs

Platform/Global Repository

Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Hub (“IYCFEHub”), This growing collection (460 resources at this writing) presents resources related to IYCF, filterable by audience, topic, user challenge, country, and many other facets. The repository is curated by Save the Children, IFE Core Group, ENN, USAID, ACF USA, PATH, and SafelyFed Canada (2021).

Guidelines (housed on IYCFEHub)

Videos (housed on Save the Children’s Resource Centre)

These two videos are both approx. 5 minutes long, and are available in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

The Guidelines and Videos above were produced by Save the Children, IFE Core Group, ENN, USAID, ACF USA, PATH, and SafelyFed Canada (2021).

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