READY is collecting stories about integration during major outbreaks in humanitarian settings—teams, sectors, and programs working together to holistically address the needs of communities during an outbreak. For example:

  • In Bangladesh, Health and Protection sectors coordinated to ensure “Child Carers” were identified in each COVID-19 Isolation Treatment Center to provide basic psychosocial support and ensure safe discharge of children.
  • In an Ethiopia Emergency Food Security Program, cash-transfer beneficiaries are also being enrolled in community health insurance to help them access health services.
  • Many countries have established national OneHealth coordination platforms with defined activities and emergency operations protocols. Cameroon rapidly mobilized a multi-sectoral team for investigating a monkeypox outbreak in chimpanzees.

READY is creating a digital library of stories developed and narrated by humanitarian personnel from various backgrounds and organizations. We aim to highlight the real-world application of integrated humanitarian activities during an outbreak, to discover trends, successes, and challenges—and ultimately, to inspire others in the sector to work in a more cohesive, collaborative manner.

If you have a story to share, from any point in your career, we want to hear it!
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READY will contact individuals on a rolling basis to further develop the story and publish it in our digital library.

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