Integrated Framework, Part 2: Integration of Multi-Sectoral Services and Cross-Cutting Themes

The integration entry points described in the Integrated Framework, Part 1 can be considered as good practices or principles of integrated programming. The integration entry points explain how an organization or coordinating agencies can provide the foundation for effective response integration in the field and help efficiently meet the holistic needs of affected populations. Humanitarian NGOs are currently programming for COVID-19. This Integrated Response Framework shows how these entry points can be used within each sector to promote holistic programming for affected communities through the lens of two specific NPIs: household quarantine or household isolation y quarantine facilities or community isolation centers (CICs). It is worth considering that not all sectors or activities may realistically be integrated. However, agencies can prioritize the broader goal of integration with affected individuals at the center of the response activities. In that case, each sector integrates where relevant, then siloed programming is avoided, thereby accomplishing the objective of integrated, holistic multi-sector programming. As the COVID-19 response is ongoing and dynamic, the activities and adapted programming are constantly changing. They will have to be implemented with the context and severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in mind.

The sections below present illustrative activities (this is not a comprehensive list of activities) per sector to (1) promote adherence to physical distancing NPIs, namely during household quarantine or household isolation and in quarantine facilities or CICs; (2) highlight cross-cutting themes across the sectors; and (3) provide examples of how overall sector or technical area programming has been adapted for COVID-19. For further reference, existing resources, guidelines, and frameworks that have been produced by the humanitarian community to support COVID-19 programming are listed at the end of every section for the specific sector or technical area.