Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis Descripción general

Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis is an online digital simulation designed for humanitarian health practitioners. In Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis, you take the role of a Health Program Manager leading the health response for a medium-sized, international NGO named READY. The NGO operates in Thisland, a fictitious, low-income country that has experienced recent civil conflict, mass displacement, and an influenza epidemic. The simulation is divided into three chapters that follow an evolving outbreak from the first detection to its spread throughout the population. As Health Program Manager, you will identify, assess, and interpret sources of data to plan and implement an integrated outbreak response that prioritizes communication and community engagement, protection principles, and staff safety and well-being.


Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis builds upon but is independent from Outbreak READY!, READY’s first digital outbreak simulation, in which the learner takes the role of a Team Lead during the aforementioned influenza epidemic. While Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis takes place after the events of Outbreak READY!, it is not necessary to play Outbreak READY! before playing Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis.

The simulation is designed for national and international NGOs responding to humanitarian emergencies, particularly targeting NGO health staff, including health program managers and coordinators, RCCE focal points, and community health workers.

Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis provides learners an opportunity to test and apply the following skills:

  1. Epidemiología aplicada a la respuesta clínica y de salud pública.: Implementar y coordinar una respuesta sanitaria basada en datos a un brote de enfermedades infecciosas en evolución.
  2. Comunicación efectiva y participación comunitaria.: Developing and implementing a Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) strategy using a data-driven approach.
  3. Humanitarian Leadership: Minimizar los riesgos y vulnerabilidades para las personas, el personal y los socios afectados por la crisis durante la respuesta a un brote.

Hoja de hechos

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Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis Solo-Play

Before you begin Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis as a solo player, we recommend downloading the Solo-Play Simulation guide which provides learners with opportunities to reflect on key decisions made and lessons learned throughout the simulation. We also recommend reading the “Pre-Reading” background documents below. You may wish to print these items for quick reference, although they will also be available within the simulation.

Guía de simulación para jugar en solitario

View/download Solo-Play Guide (663KB .pdf).

Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis Facilitated Play

To play Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis as a facilitated group experience, either in-person or virtually, use this facilitation manual and accompanying event facilitation slide deck.

If you are interested in facilitating Outbreak READY 2!: Thisland in Crisis for your organization, working group, or community of practice, and you have further questions after reviewing these materials, please reach out to READY at brotereadysim@savechildren.org para soporte.

Event Facilitation Slide Deck

Solución de problemas y soporte

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  • For optimal use of the simulation, use Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Please ensure your browser version is up-to-date. Close any additional tabs or windows so that only the browser window with the simulation is open.
  • Si has hecho lo anterior y aún no funciona, intenta abrir la simulación en una ventana “incógnito” o “privada”. Esto se hace de manera diferente según el tipo de computadora y el navegador, pero una simple búsqueda en Internet (por ejemplo, “cómo abrir una ventana de incógnito en Firefox”) puede proporcionar rápidamente instrucciones sobre cómo hacerlo.

La simulación está pensada para jugarse utilizando una computadora portátil, una computadora de escritorio o una tableta grande. La interfaz no admite la reproducción en dispositivos móviles más pequeños.

Yes, an internet connection is required throughout the entire simulation and was developed for low-bandwidth settings.

Yes, progress is saved throughout play. If you lose internet connection or choose to exit the browser window during a session, your progress will be saved at the end of each week.  

Existe un ancho de banda mínimo recomendado para un uso óptimo del juego. Encuentre detalles adicionales a continuación sobre el ancho de banda óptimo:

  • The simulation takes approximately 1 minute to load on 10mbps (megabits per second). 
  • The minimum bandwidth required to stream the videos is 1.7mbps. 

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Expresiones de gratitud

El Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis digital simulation was developed by the READY initiative. We would like to thank the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health for its leadership, and all READY consortium partners and serious game consultant Rex Brynen for their time, input, and efforts throughout all stages of development. In addition, we would like to thank all the humanitarians from agencies and locations around the world who took the time to play each version and provide critical feedback to strengthen both the design and the content of Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis. Outbreak READY 2!: Estatierra en crisis was created in collaboration with the game development studio &RANJ. The simulation would not be possible without their team’s innovative design and creative contributions.