Descripción general

READY’s WASH en epidemias is an eLearning course for all humanitarian responders, introducing learners to the role of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in preventing, mitigating, and breaking the transmission routes of infectious diseases commonly encountered in humanitarian settings.

By the end of this eLearning course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe three infectious disease transmission routes typically encountered in humanitarian settings, and explain the role of WASH interventions in preventing, mitigating, and breaking these transmission routes;
  • Explain how to implement critical WASH interventions in a community, a health care facility, and a school during an outbreak;
  • Recognize the importance of enhancing rapid changes in community attitudes and behavior towards sanitation and hygiene during an infectious disease outbreak; and
  • Consider the role of other key thematic sectors when implementing WASH interventions in an infectious disease outbreak, to ensure a holistic and human-centered response.

This self-directed, online eLearning course should take approximately two to three hours to complete, is accessible on desktop or mobile, and requires an internet connection.

How to access this course

This course is available for free, and is accessible on Kaya, the global learning platform of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. You may need to create an account before starting the course.

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For more details about this eLearning course, view/download the course flyer (376KB .pdf).