Communities in Humanitarian Settings:
COVID-19 Micro-Trainings

Welcome to READY’s Communities in Humanitarian Settings: COVID-19 Micro-Trainings! The goal of the training package is to improve the capacity of NGOs to implement community-centered COVID-19 pandemic response approaches in humanitarian settings and increase awareness of how such approaches impact the overall response. Across three modules focusing on different components of a community-level response—risk communication and community engagement (RCCE), infection prevention and control (IPC) and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); and community health programming (CHP)—this training will address the challenges of a community-centered COVID-19 response approach, and provide practical tools and solutions grounded in the experiences of current COVID-19 response actors across the globe.

Getting Started

    1.  Watch the “Welcome to this Training Series” and “Community-Centered Approaches” videos below (the how-to video is optional)

    2.  Begin learning with Module 1: Risk Communication and Community Engagement

For the best user experience, we recommend viewing these training materials on a desktop or laptop computer. Some features may be challenging to use on a smartphone or tablet.

Welcome to this Training Series!

This video welcomes participants to this training series, explains the approach and the training timeline, and introduces participants to the instructors.

Community-Centered Approaches

This video explains why READY has chosen a community-centered approach, highlighted throughout each of the three training modules.

How-To: Video Walkthrough

This optional introductory video shows how to use the READY COVID-19 Micro-Trainings.