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प्रकोप तैयार! अवलोकन

प्रकोप तैयार! is an online digital simulation for NGO leaders and managers across all sectors. In प्रकोप तैयार!, you will take the role of an NGO team lead managing a multi-sectoral humanitarian program portfolio for a medium-sized, international NGO named READY. The NGO operates in Thisland, a fictitious, low-income country that recently experienced civil conflict following a disputed national election. The simulation is divided into two modules: the first focuses on readiness prioritizations and actions as an outbreak is identified in a neighboring country; the second focuses on the NGO’s response to the outbreak as it begins to spread. Over the course of the simulation, you (the learner) must make decisions that determine how the NGO adapts and expands programs to respond to the outbreak.

The simulation is designed for national and international NGOs responding to humanitarian emergencies, particularly targeting NGO leaders and managers from both operational and programmatic backgrounds across all sectors.

By the end of the simulation, the learner will be able to:

  1. के प्रमुख क्षेत्रों का वर्णन करें परिचालनगत तत्परता मानवीय सेटिंग में किसी संक्रामक रोग के प्रकोप की तैयारी करते समय और कैसे विचार करें निवेश और व्यापार-बंद परिचालन तत्परता में प्रभाव प्रकोप प्रतिक्रिया परिणाम.
  2. प्रमुख हितधारकों की पहचान करें और समन्वय संरचनाएँ जो मानवीय सेटिंग्स में प्रकोप प्रतिक्रिया के लिए महत्वपूर्ण हैं और उनके प्रभाव को तौलें पर बहु-क्षेत्रीय प्रकोप प्रतिक्रिया गतिविधियाँ।
  3. विभिन्न की भूमिकाएँ स्पष्ट कीजिए तकनीकी और क्रॉस-कटिंग क्षेत्र संक्रामक रोग के प्रकोप की तैयारी और प्रतिक्रिया, और डिज़ाइन गतिविधियों के भीतर कई क्षेत्रों को एकीकृत करें एक प्रकोप प्रतिक्रिया में.
  4. उपयोग महामारी विज्ञान, मूल्यांकन और सामुदायिक प्रतिक्रिया डेटा संगठनात्मक जानकारी देना और विकसित करना अनुकूली प्रबंधन रणनीतियाँ और प्रतिक्रिया योजनाएँ समावेशी और नैतिक मानवीय आपात स्थितियों में प्रकोप प्रतिक्रियाएँ।

प्रकोप तैयार!
Fact Sheet

View/download fact sheet (841KB .pdf).

प्रकोप तैयार!

In June 2022, प्रकोप तैयार! won a Bronze International Serious Play Award which honors outstanding digital games used for training and education. ___________________________________________________

In March 2023, Save the Children was named to FastCompany’s Most Innovative Nonprofits of 2023 for प्रकोप तैयार! as one of the organization’s core innovations.

प्रकोप तैयार! Launch Event: Watch the Recording

What People are Saying: Feedback from प्रकोप तैयार! players

"हमारी प्रकोप तैयारियों को शुरू करने के लिए एक महत्वपूर्ण उपकरण""सभी ने खेलने का आनंद लिया... एक बेहतरीन शिक्षण पद्धति""मुझे ऐसा महसूस हुआ जैसे मैं अपने काम में दैनिक चुनौतियों से निपट रहा हूं""बहुत उपयोगकर्ता के अनुकूल और आकर्षक""वास्तविकता का सटीक अनुवाद और हम क्या करते हैं""आपातकालीन प्रतिक्रिया संचालन का सही आंतरिक दृश्य"

प्रकोप तैयार! Solo-Play

Before you begin प्रकोप तैयार! as a solo player, we recommend downloading the सोलो-प्ले सिमुलेशन गाइड which provides learners with opportunities to reflect on key decisions made and lessons learned throughout the simulation. We also recommend reading the background documents below. You may wish to print these items for quick reference, although they will also be available within the simulation.

सोलो-प्ले सिमुलेशन गाइड

Pre-Reading: Background Documents

प्रकोप तैयार! Facilitated Play

To play प्रकोप तैयार! as a facilitated group experience, either in-person or virtually, use these facilitation manuals.

If you are interested in facilitating Outbreak READY! for your organization, working group, or community of practice, and you have further questions after reviewing these materials, please reach out to READY at outbreakreadysim@savechildren.org for support.

Facilitation Manual for

Virtual Events

Presentation Slides

To play प्रकोप तैयार! as a facilitated group experience, use this slide deck with either the In-Person or Virtual Facilitation Manual.

Facilitation Manual for

In-Person Events

Troubleshooting and Support

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble opening the simulation. Please check the following:

  • Do you have the right URL? Make sure you are using www.outbreakready.com.
  • For optimal use of the simulation, use Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Please ensure your browser version is up-to-date.
  • If you have done the above and it is still not working, try opening the simulation in an “incognito” or “private” window. This is done differently depending on your computer type and browser, but a simple internet search (e.g., “how to open incognito window in Firefox”) can quickly provide instructions on how to do this.

The simulation is meant to be played using a laptop, desktop, or large tablet. The interface does not support playing on smaller mobile devices.

We recommend playing the simulation with an internet connection. However, after the initial loading of the simulation (after the introductory video), you should be able to play the entire simulation without an internet connection.

Yes, progress is saved throughout play. If you lose internet connection or choose to exit the browser window during a session, your progress will be saved up to your last completed turn.

There is a recommended minimum bandwidth for optimal use of the game. Please find additional details below regarding the optimal bandwidth:

  • The simulation takes approximately 7 minutes to load on 1Mbit/s.
  • The simulation takes approximately 1 minute to load on 8Mbit/s.
  • The minimum bandwidth required to load the video is 400-500kbit/s.

You can check your connection speed at https://www.speedtest.net/.

Are you still encountering issues? Please contact us at outbreakreadysim@savechildren.orgso we can assist you.  


The Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health led the development of प्रकोप तैयार!, alongside Save the Children, UK-Med, the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, and other partners in the READY consortium. READY would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge the core group that created the simulation: Paul Spiegel, Laura Cardinal, Hannah Hamrick, Eilidh Higgins, Daniella Trowbridge, Mija Ververs, and Rex Brynen; and other contributors who worked to create प्रकोप तैयार! and its corresponding resources: Rachael Cummings, Kathryn Bertram, Tita Gemechu, Claudio Deola, Lauren Murray, Maria Tsolka, Ryan Toney, Laura Romig, Sarah O’Flynn, Michelle Hanegaard, Virginie Jouanicot, Eric Starbuck, Ayesha Kadir, Emi Takahashi, Donatella Massai, Simone Parrish, Aileen Gleizer, Emily Clifton, Nathan Matthew, Karyn Beattie, Ruby Siddiqui, Natalie Busath, and Natalya Kostandova. READY also would like to thank the many colleagues who spent time user testing and providing feedback to help improve the simulation throughout the development process. Finally, READY would like to thank the game development studio &RANJ for its collaboration and guidance to make the creation of प्रकोप तैयार! possible.