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Karma*, 9 washing her hands. Image credit: GMU

Influenza and Pandemic Threats Library (Save the Children)

Though developed for influenza, this online library has broad…
Lubabatu* , 13, walks home after collecting water from a Save the Children water point in the informal displacement camp at Musari, outside Maiduguri. Image credit: Tommy Trenchard / Save the Children
Link to West and Central Africa workshop materials

West and Central Africa

Virtual | April 20–22, 2020 | View workshop materials on READY's…
Thelma (1) is assessed during an Emergency Health Unit-supported nutrition survey in Zimbabwe (held by her sister Janet, 13). Image credit: Sacha Myers / Save the Children
A healthcare worker at a Save the Children-supported health facility during the Ebola outbreak (DRC). Image credit: Hugh Kinsella Cunningham / Save the Children
Link to DRC workshop materials

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Virtual | April 6–8, 2020 | View DRC workshop materials on…
Karma*, 9 washing her hands. Image credit: GMU

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Resources (UNICEF and CDC)

Guidance for expectant and new parents in the context of COVID-19…
Noor* with her son Hssain*, two and a half years-old (Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh). Image credit: GMB Akash / Panos Pictures / Save the Children
Karma*, 9 washing her hands. Image credit: GMU

Middle East

Virtual | March 30–31, 2020 | Log in to view Middle East workshop…