Communicating with Communities in Epidemics & Pandemics:

Risk Communication and Community Engagement

RCCE Readiness Kit

Orientation Materials: RCCE for Humanitarian Actors

We recommend reviewing these items before digging into the kit itself.


Introducing RCCE

In the simplest terms, risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) means involving communities to make outbreak communications as effective as possible.

Key Considerations

RCCE helps us understand the psychological, social, and environmental factors that explain why people behave the way they do. This helps agencies and humanitarian actors to respond more effectively.

Roles and Responsibilities

Who does what in RCCE? This document describes what kinds of jobs an RCCE effort will take, what each person’s responsibilities might be, and what positions might need recruitment of local staff.

The RCCE Readiness Kit

The image below represents the progression of an outbreak response. Each phase of the response is described in a scenario, and has associated elements (emergency preparedness planning, staffing, training, messaging, etc.) For each element (shown in tabs on the left below), this kit offers suggested actions and tools to build readiness.